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The Panel

Meeting Dates 2016-17

Date Location Time 
5th - 6th November 2016 Lancaster To be advised
10th December 2016 Carlisle To be advised
4th February 2017 Ambleside To be advised
1st April 2017 To be advised To be advised


The Panel reps will be looking at some of your ideas and work out how to make them a reality.

Students are elected to The Panel for the period of one Academic Year. They become members of The Panel through the Panel Elections, which take place in October each year.  

The Panel is made up of 27 representatives, each representing a different group of students as follows:




Ambleside Campus Rep

London Campus Rep

Brampton Road Campus Rep

Fusehill Street Campus Rep

Lancaster Campus Rep

Women Students’ Rep

Men Students’ Rep

Disabled Students’ Rep


Black and Ethnic Minorities Students’ Rep

International Students’ Rep

Returning to Education Students’ Rep

Postgraduate Students’ Rep

Environmental Students’ Rep

Institute of Education Departmental Rep

Cumbria Institute of the Arts Departmental Rep

Business, Law, Policing and Social Science Departmental Rep

Nursing, Health and Professional Practice Departmental Rep

Health, Psychology and Social Studies Departmental Rep

Medical and Sports Science Departmental Rep

Science, Natural Resources and Outdoor Studies Departmental Rep

Student Sports Groups Rep

Student Societies Rep

NUS Delegates