Ambleside & Brampton Road




UCSU now has an office available on the Ambleside campus in Rigg Cottage and we now have an  Ambleside Campus Community Developer in Adam Davies who will be at Ambleside often and will be your first point of contact for anything Ambleside based or concerned. Adam will keep us updated with when he is around but at present, you can find him between 10 am and 4 pm on 

Monday 15th October

Tuesday 16th October

Wednesday 17th October

Thursday 18th October

Friday 19th October


Brampton Road

We now have a Campus Community Developer at Brampton, the lovely Donna Salter, which means that in addition to the office being open when staff are available the office will be open Tuesdays from 12 till 4 and Thursdays from 11 till 4 starting from w/c 15/10. Donna will be your first contact for anything Brampton Road based or concerned.