Charlotte's weekly article 18.09.20

Friday 18-09-2020 - 17:15
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IT’S THE FINAL COUNT DOWNNNN – Du du du duuu… du du du du dun – Welcome Week is imminent and I hope everyone is excited, because I know I am!! Please remember that it is OK to be apprehensive and nervous. Ur Officers and other members of the SU are here to help as much as they can, every step of the way <3 I have been on campus all week! Its been lovely to see the returning students around campus anddd I can’t tell you how excited I am to see half of all ur lovely faces – I know I know, I have been saying it every week… But I really mean it!!

Welcome to admin avenue, I have been working with the accommodation team to send out some SU/ Officer and Discord introductions and I became a student representative for the Chamber of Trade in the Lakes Parish. Not much desk work this week, which is nice!

On the FUN side of things, It’s been groups, groups and more groups this week! I have been working with a few returning students to get their ideas for NEW societies up and running (hints: I have 4 wheels, but no seat... what am I? / Crucio, Nox, Aguamenti and Portego are all what?). Can u guess what they are?! The officers and I have also been working to provide a celebratory and inclusive Black History Month – if you have any suggestions/events/educational input, please get in touch with an Officer/Student Union staff!

- Take care teddy bear x

Ps. I will only be seeing half of ur faces bc of ur masks/face coverings… Do u think we should have a mask competition?!


Charlotte Wheele, Activities Officer

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