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UCSU Elections 2021: Candidate Announcement

Every year, students nominate themselves to represent you and lead your Students' Union. In the first week of March, we ask you to cast your vote and choose who makes up our Executive Committee for the 2021/21 academic year.

From 9am Monday 1st March to 12pm (midday) Friday 5th March you will be able to sign-in at and cast your vote.


We asked our candidates "why should students vote for you?".

Meet the candidates and see their responses below:

Academic Officer

Kyle Render

Lucy Haddath

Activities Officer

Aaron Redman

Charlotte Wheele

Lucy Shardlow

Welfare Officer

Amber Heap

Molly McConnell

Ambleside Rep

Alex Littlechild

Ella Farley


James Wells

Brampton Rd. Rep

Amber McGhee

Fusehill St. Rep

Eleanor Armstrong

I am a mature student it took me a long time to be in a position to come to university and I have taken every opportunity to make sure my time at University is both beneficial and memorable. I believe this should be every student experience, and I want to help make that happen. Of course, university is meant to be hard work, but it should also be fun and memorable, it should be a chance to meet new people join clubs become a part of a group. I really want to help every student to have an amazing experience so please vote for me, I’m kind, caring and passionate about education and the university experience.