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Charlotte Wheele
Activities Officer 2020/21

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My role: Activities Officer Role

My manifesto: Charlotte Wheele Manifesto 2020





Charlotte's Objectives

Keep track of Charlotte's aims for the 2020/21 year and her progress towards them here.


Campus Connections: Connect Groups Across Campuses

Sports Groups

Objective Deadline Progress
Gain more members June  On Track 
BUCS competing groups September  Paused 



Objective Deadline Progress
Gain more members June  On Track 
More academic societies June  On Track 


Liberation Networks

Objective Deadline Progress
Gain more members June  On Track 
Find starting members April  On Track 



Objective Deadline Progress
Drop-in sessions September  Incomplete 
Gather feedback on social media February  On Track 


Be Present

Objective Deadline Progress
Get involved in student-led events April  On Track 



Make Activities More Accessible "A Nice Day Out"

"A Nice Day Out"

Objective Deadline Progress
Carlisle/Lancaster visit Ambleside March  Paused 
Ambleside/Lancaster visit Carlisle February  Paused 
Carlisle/Ambleside visit Lancaster February  Paused 


Groups Events

Objective Deadline Progress
Increase memberships through great online events March  On Track 
Make it easier for Groups to plan and run events June  On Track 



It's All About You

More Student-Led Welcome Week

Objective Deadline Progress
Host drop-in sessions for potential event ideas September  Incomplete 
Plan a schedule of fun, COVID-safe events September  Completed 
Deliver a student-led "Re-Ignite" in January/February February  On Track 



Make Communication Great Again

A Social Media Focus

Objective Deadline Progress
Increase followers and friends October  Completed 
Gain student feedback October  Completed 


Platform For Academic and Students' Union Activities

Objective Deadline Progress
Scrub that hub (with Geoff and Jed) September  Completed 
Create an activities and events calendar for all students January  On Track 


Encourage Interaction

Objective Deadline Progress
Show presence on campus visits (no long-time desk duty): especially on other campuses June  Incomplete 


Officer Updates

Objective Deadline Progress
Weekly Updates June  Incomplete 
Collate data between Officers June  Completed 
Social media June  Completed