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University of Cumbria Students' Union

Democratic Review


We are going to review all our democratic processes, systems, and structures, as required by our Constitution, to ensure they are relevant to our members and function effectively.


Wait, the Students' Union is a democracy?

Yes! We are led by our members (students of the University of Cumbria)! Students' elect the leaders of the Students' Union every year; i.e. our current Sabbatical Officers and The Panel. Students run our campaigns, sit on our Board of Trustees, scrutinise our accounts (which they then spend), manage our clubs and societies, and hold all our elected leaders and representatives to account.


Why are we reviewing our democracy?

Our membership is constantly changing, so it's important that the structures, people, systems and processes which we use to represent you are fit for purpose. We've written it into our Constitution that we will review our democracy and governance every 5 years.


What happened the last time we did this?

We last reviewed our democracy in 2013, we changed our Sabbatical Officer positions, as well as creating The Panel and Ideas. 


How will the review happen?

Throughout Semester 1 (Sept-Dec 2018), we'll be out-and-about speaking to students and key stakeholders about their experience, views of representation, and preferences for the future of the SU. In January, we will look at the data we've collected and draw together a series of options. In February/March all students will be asked to vote for their preferred option - whichever wins will become the new Students' Union's democratic governance structure.


How will I be kept informed?

We'll be posting regular updates here on, social media, and in the University's student global email.


How can I find out more?

You can find out more about the review by reading our Business Plan.

Alternatively, you can contact:


Frank Longdon

Student Voice Facilitator


Phone: 01524 590810 (2776)