Governance is the catch-all description for the groups, rules and regulations that oversee how UCSU is run. As a charity we work in accordance with various legislation, and further define our own rules of conduct and decision making through our Constitution and Policies. This section of the website allows our members to scrutinise our governing body, the Trustee Board, and also acts as an archive of all the relevant documentation associated with governance.

The Trustee Board

Charity Law dictates we must have a Trustee Board, and UCSU's trustees are made up of the three elected Full Time Officers, three elected Student Trustees and three External (non-student) Trustees. The Chair of the Trustee Board is the Activities Full Time Officer. The Trustee Board meets 5 times a year and has ultimate oversight of all financial, legal, reputational and strategic decisions of UCSU. The members of the Trustee Board for 2020-21 are as follows:

Charlotte Wheele  (Chair, Officer Trustee)

Barbara Stephens (Deputy Chair, External Trustee)

Molly McConnell (Officer Trustee)

Lucy Haddath (Officer Trustee)

Brittany Tomlinson (External trustee)

Ella Farley (Student Trustee)

Michelle Hudson (Student Trustee)


To find out more or contact the Trustee Board please email 

UCSU Constitution

Our Constitution is a legal document required by Charity Law which defines the purpose, scope and essential structures of UCSU. The Constitutional rules are backed up through the Students' Unions' Bye Laws, which add more definition and detail to the systems, processes and procedures outlined in the Constitution. The current Constitution (adopted on 1st October 2020) and all current Bye Laws can be found here: UCSU Governance Documents