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What is Green Impact?

This year, your students’ union is working towards getting the Green Impact Award. The award is ran by NUS and helps promote sustainability and eco-thinking within SUs and Universities. We will be working this year to reduce the amount of single use plastic on campus, as well as trying to get more students involved to reduce the university's carbon-footprint. To get involved, pop by any of our offices.

For more information check out the NUS page on Green Impact here.

Our negative environmental impact

Amount of travel sue to being a multi-campus university

  • Wherever possible, we use trains to travel between campuses and avoid using air miles. We try to only travel by car when there are enough people to justify to fuel.

Amount of paper consumption we utilise as a union

  • All of our officers and staff use laptops instead of desktop computers: this means they can take electronic copies of documents into meetings instead of needing a hard copy. We also ask all staff to have their default printer settings to be black and white and double sided.

Amount of energy we use when we are not in the offices

  • Turning out the office lights have been made a part of the close down checklist in the offices. We also ask staff to check that their screens are turned off to save power, and we are looking into getting stickers printed to put on screen corners to encourage this.