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Welcome to the University of Cumbria Bushcraft Society page!

Home of Outdoor Skills which include:

Firelighting,Firebuilding, Shelter construction,Wild Camping and survial techniques, 

Come join and learn what were all about 

£5 to join for 1 year membership 

Terms and conditions

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Use of Sharps and Tools
You will be put into the situation where you will be using sharps - axes, knives and saws. You must be aware of your own personal safety and accept responsibility for any injuries caused by insufficient precautions or mishandling of tools. You must agree to listen fully to inductions based around tool use, especially in the situation where they are being used to dangerous effect (i.e cutting firewood). If you do not feel comfortable using said tools then please tell a senior member of the society and we will assure precautions are taken. If you are found misusing tools then senior members have full right to remove you from the society either temporarily or indefinitely. 

Fire and Survival
You must behave accordingly around fires with the full acknowledgement of the dangers to personal safety and environmental safety. 
In survival situations you must acknowledge that there is potential for yourself or others to be put in danger. We will take full measures to ensure that situations remain as controlled and safe as possible, however cannot ensure that each individual is completely free from harm. We ask that you remain responsible in such situations and assure that you have the physical and mental ability to be put into such situations. 

Animal Preperation 
We accept that some people may not wish to partake in the trapping, dispaching or preperation of meat and would prefer prior knowledge of this. There are risks involved with this and we ask that anybody wishing to partake is physically, mentally and emotionally prepared and able to partake. If somebody has intense emotional reaction to such activities then we cannot be held responisble for any lasting psychological effects.

Respecting Group Members
We ask that everybody in the society is polite and respectful towards one another. We do not tolerate any discrimination or intolerence towards gender, race, sexual identification or orientation, religion or appearence. We are all adults and expect everybody to act as such. Any misconduct considered to be hateful discrimination or bullying will be dealt with by the removal of group members indefinitely and a statement being sent to the  university. Dependant on the severity police may be informed for such events. 

Listening to Senior Members
This is key and cannot be stressed enough. You must listen and be respectful of the environment. If you are asked to refrain from specific actions then you must stop. We cannot allow people to act frivolously in such risky environments. We ask that everybody listens to all instruction.

Respecting the Environment
We ask that you do not visit the site without the permission of a senior member of the society. The land is protected and you must not move or remove anything from the land lest it be necessary. When you are there we ask that you do not maliciously terrorise any flora or fauna or perform any acts of vandalism. Felling trees without the woodland manager present (Kai Findley) is disallowed for the time being. Anybody who violates these rules will be dismissed from the group either temporarily or completely. 

Whilst there are plans to create an archery range, members much acknowledge that this is NOT an official part of the club and any subsiquent injuries from using the range are NOT affiliated with the bushcraft society. We do not provide bows or arrows to use. Flathead arrows are not allowed and any shooting on the land without the woodland manager or a senior member present is forbidden. This is technically an illegal act so we have no legal ties to this practice; it is purely an individual choice. 

Thank you for taking the time to understand these rules and conditions, we hope this makes your time with the society much more pleasant.