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Cumbria ISoc

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The Official Islamic Society of University of Cumbria, London.

Cumbria ISoc aims to provide a means for Muslims to combine their knowledge, skills and efforts for the benefit of each other and to educate students and lecturers alike of the teachings and principles of mainstream Islam.

Cumbria ISoc aims to:

- Increase awareness & understanding of Islam.

- Encourage unity amongst Muslims.

- Create a platform for members to share their skills and benefit the wider university community.


Committee Members:-

- Chair Neya Chowdhury

- Vice Chair + Treasurer Fahmida Akther

- Treasurer Zakiyah Tasnim

- Event Managers Mariam Ahmed & Fahmida Gazi

- Deputy Event Managers Ayshah Siddika & Sabina Hye

- Secretaries Anisa Hoque & Nishat Miah

- Head Assistant Maisha Miah

We hope you participate along with us in our journey. 


If you have any questions, do contact us on either:


Or on our Instagram

Or on our Website

We will get back to you soon, Insha Allah (God Willing)

~ Cumbria ISoc

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