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Education Society

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The Education Society, (currently only at Lancaster campus), want to create a sense of community between education related courses. We welcome anyone with an interest in education or teaching! Our aim is to create a community of learning with fun social events as well as helping our local community.


By joining the Education Society, you will:

• Be part of a community with likeminded people.

• Have access to educational talks from a variety of different speakers, as well as fun social events!

• Organise and participate in charity events for the local community.

• Have input on any events, talks or charity events.

• Making new friends and exciting memories!

Membership fee:

£4 for the academic year. This includes insurance for any events we hold.

You can find our society on…

Instagram: @UoCEducationSoc

Twitter: @UoCEducationSoc

Facebook: @UoCEducationSoc (Education Society at University of Cumbria)

Or you can email us:

We look forward to meeting you!

Terms and conditions

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Click here to view terms and conditions.