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Know the Rules

UCSU want to help you to stay in control of your studies, so Know the Rules is designed to support your understanding of what is expected of you, during your time at the University of Cumbria. Know the Rules will guide you through things like academic appeals, social media practice and extenuating circumstances amongst many other rules and regulations. Please check back frequently for content updates, over the next couple of months we are shining the spotlight on Academic appeals - but if you would like to know more or need support about any university rule or regulation, get in touch!

Know the Rules  -  Know about Academic Appeals

On receipt of your official assessment results. You may have failed or passed a module or modules, but are not happy with the outcome because something (usually significant and/or beyond your control) has impacted on your assignments or exams. In these circumstances, you may wish to ‘request for reconsideration of the decision made by the University Assessment Board’ - in other words make an appeal.  You have TEN working days from the official release of your results to submit this – so don’t hang around!

But who can make an appeal?  Only some students will be considered to have valid appeal grounds - the university limit requests to students who:

  • may have been impacted by ‘material’, ‘administrative error’ or ‘procedural irregularity’ – In other words the break down or failure of one of the University’s processes, procedures or systems which you believe has impacted on your assessment/ results
  • have significant new evidence concerning extenuating or mitigating circumstances (usually factors that are serious. and/ or beyond your control) which for good reason had not been made available to University Assessment Board  earlier….  In other words if you have not previously submitted a claim for Extenuating Circumstances (EC) at the time of the assessment or if you are appealing against the original decision of the Assessment Board with regard to a claim for extenuating circumstances you have already made (and/ or have new evidence), you may get the chance to have your ECs considered through the Appeals process.
  • allege unfair treatment or discrimination that has taken place during the assessment process (which for good reason had not been considered previously under the University Complaints Procedure

The appeal process is not open to students who disagree with any mark or grade.  However, if you have concerns, you may wish to raise these through the University’s Complaints processes instead.

More detailed information and the full Academic Appeals procedures and appeal form are available via the Student Hub.

The UCSU Student Support Team is also here to help – we provide an independent, non-judgmental and confidential service.  So… when you receive your results and think you may like some guidance to submit an Academic Appeal or if you are unsure about your results or unclear about the options open to you –please get in touch. Book an appointment with one of our friendly caseworkers

Stay in control of your studies  #knowtherules