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Lequane Johnson

Academic Officer


About Me

My name is Lequane. I am the Academic Officer for the University of Cumbria. 

Prior to coming to Carlisle, I lived in Northampton which is about 4 hours away. Before working for the Student Union, I studied Wildlife Media.


My Role

As your Academic Officer I deal with any issues which may arise from your course. I am also the lead representative on all matters concerning your academic experience. I aim to make this the best it can be! Furthermore, I'm a member of the Trustee Board and Academic Board as well as sitting on many other meetings throughout the year.


My Priorities for the Year:

  • More networking events at Brampton Road for students to meet professionals in the industry and establish partnerships with other students in the same area of study.
  • Frequent student feedback; it is an essential part of effective learning. Quick guidelines to help improve the student experience.
  • Staff and student communication. Partnerships are a crucial aspect of University, from students to the externals, it is important to know exactly what's happening when.


Contact Me

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