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Lucy Haddath

Academic Officer 2020/21


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My role: Academic Officer Role

My manifesto: Lucy Haddath Manifesto 2020





Lucy's Objectives

Keep track of Lucy's aims for the 2020/21 year and her progress towards them here.


Life After University

Raise Awareness of Job Opportunities Relevant To You

Objective Deadline Progress
Ensure academic societies are supported September  On Track 
Encourage academic societies to host guest lectures December  On Track 
Encourage lecturers to use any contacts they have with people who work in the industry June  On Track 


Develop and Promote Job Fairs

Objective Deadline Progress
Work with the University career team as a student voice June  On Track 
Use social media channels to help promote the fairs June  On Track 


Job Related Training Sessions/Videos To Help Boost Skills Needed To Apply For Jobs

Objective Deadline Progress
Work with the University Careers team to develop and promote the Career Ahead, a programme that covers skills such as CV writing, interview skills, etc. September  On Track 



Re-Coup The Year Groups - Better Together

Promote the Formation of More Academic Societies

Objective Deadline Progress
Have a social media promotional campaign to encourage more students to form an academic society June  On Track 
Encourage societies to work with their course lecturers as a source of tailored information and promotion September  On Track 


Collect Data on Existing Collaboration

Objective Deadline Progress
Find out if any courses currently have collaboration between year groups and if it works for them November  On Track 


Communicate Findings in a Student Success Meeting

Objective Deadline Progress
Put together a report using the data collected from surveys and emails to lecturers. January  On Track 



Remarkable Representation

Ensure All Reps Are Supported

Objective Deadline Progress
Make sure all of the information Reps need is in one location September  On Track 
Develop a new training program for Reps September  On Track 
Ensure lecturers are supporting Reps September  On Track 


Work With Campus Reps More

Objective Deadline Progress
Promote Campus Reps on Facebook so that you know who they are September  On Track 
Hold meetings between Campus Reps and Student Academic Reps June  On Track 



Know The Rules

Raise Awareness of Common Issues That Students Aren't Necessarily Aware Of

Objective Deadline Progress
Develop a series of four videos on malpractice, appeals, ECs, and complaints April  On Track 
Work with the University Communications team to ensure key messages are released at appropriate times throughout the year November  On Track 



Make Communication Great Again

A Social Media Focus

Objective Deadline Progress
Increase followers and friends    On Track 
Gain student feedback    On Track 


Platform For Academic and Students' Union Activities

Objective Deadline Progress
Scrub that hub (with Geoff and Jedd) September  On Track 


Encourage Interaction

Objective Deadline Progress
Show presence on campus visits (no long-time desk duty): especially on other campuses    On Track 


Officer Updates

Objective Deadline Progress
Weekly Updates    On Track 
Collate data between Officers    On Track 
Social media    On Track