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Not entirely satisfied?

In working to represent and support you to achieve your ambitions we do our very best to provide members and stakeholders with what they deserve; high quality service to meet and perhaps even exceed their expectations.

Sometimes though, we don’t get it quite right. In order to help us improve, we want you to tell us when we make mistakes because we don’t always spot them ourselves or perhaps don’t understand how or why we have disappointed you.

Please be assured that we will treat your complaint seriously, and will be as prompt in investigating and responding as possible. We will treat your complaint confidentially if it is appropriate to do so. Most importantly we aim to learn from our mistakes so that we can prevent them from happening again and can deliver a better standard of service as we develop. 

If you have a complaint regarding an election that we are holding please contact the Deputy Returning Officer.

UCSU Complaints Procedure

UCSU Complaints Form

UCSU Feedback Form (coming soon)

If you have a complaint regarding the University of Cumbria, please visit and follow the Student Complaint Procedure. We can offer independent support on making a formal complaint. Visit to book an appointment.