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The results are in!

From Monday 4th March to Friday 8th March we asked you to choose who you wanted to represent you and lead the Students' Union.

836 students cast 4483 votes


Find out who won below!


#CumbriaVotes 2019 Results

The successfully elected candidates are:


Academic Officer: Lequane Johnson

Community & Partnership Officer: Katie Brookes

Welfare & Support Officer: Joseph Morrell


Ambleside RepMolly McConnell

Brampton Rd. Rep: Michelle Lam

Business, Law, Policing & Social Sciences Rep: Louise Bennett

Health, Psychology & Social Studies Rep: Zoe Nicholls

Medical & Sports Sciences Rep: Katie Brown

Nursing, Health & Professional Practice Rep: Rebekah Toulmin

Environmental Rep: Kate Bloomer

International Students' Rep: Crenzia Pereira

LGBTQ Rep: Bethany Harper Colclough 

Return to Education Rep: Lizzie Molloy

Sports Groups Rep: Eve Bointon


Student Trustee: Michelle Hudson


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Click here to read about all complaints, issues, and decisions: #CumbriaVotes 2019, DRO Report - Complaints, Decisions & Issues


The following positions were not elected and are due to be re-opened soon:

  • Fusehill St. Rep
  • Lancaster Rep
  • London Rep
  • Distance Learning Rep
  • Institute of Education Rep
  • Institute of the Arts Rep
  • Science, Natural Resources & Outdoor Studies Rep
  • Black & Ethnic Minorities Rep
  • Disabled Students' Rep
  • Men's Rep
  • Part-Time Students' Rep
  • Postgraduate Students' Rep
  • Women's Rep
  • Student Trustee