The results are in!

From Monday 8th October to Friday 12th October we asked you to choose who you wanted to represent you, run The Panel, and help plan your campus life.

366 students cast 1356 votes!


Find out who won below!


By-Elections 2018 Results

The successfully elected candidate in UCSU's By-Elections 2018 are:

Co-Chair: Beth Anderton & Rachel Orwell

Black & Ethnic Minorities RepEmily Chik

Business, Law, Policing & Social Sciences Rep: Lizzie Grayson

Distance Leanring Rep: Innes Eaton*

Institute of the Arts RepBrandon Ferson

International Students' Rep: Crenzia Pereira

LGBTQ Rep: Oliver Gibbs

London Rep: Abdul Karim*

Men's Rep: Joseph Morrell

Postgraduate Students' Rep:  Kirsten Hardy

Science, Natural Resources & Outdoor Studies Rep: Lucy Haddath

NUS Delegate: Amy Kenworthy, Giacomo Barile & Shelby Mercer


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*those positions which did not receive 25 valid votes will be considered by The Panel and the elected candidate will be confirmed