#CumbriaVotes Results

The results are in!

Meet Your New UCSU Team

From Monday 26th February to Friday 9th March we asked you to choose who you wanted to lead your Students’ Union.

An amazing 5767 votes were cast by 875 students! Which is the highest percentage turn out yet! Well done everyone!

You’ve elected a fantastic team of Officers, Campus Reps, Department Reps, Campaign Reps, and Activity Reps who will represent you and work to make every campus a great place to study and socialise!

Find out who won below!


Meet the team for 2018/19:

Academic Officer: Lequane Johnson 

Community & Partnership Officer: Matthew Wisener

Welfare & Support Officer: Amy Kenworthy

Panel Representatives 2018/19:
Ambleside Rep: Sam Abram
Brampton Road Rep: Michelle Lam
Fusehill Street Rep: Giacomo Barile
Lancaster Rep: Alice Clare 
Health, Psychology & Social Studies Rep: Katie Brookes 
Institution of Education Rep: Hannah Allen
Medical & Sports Sciences Rep: Sophie Newcombe
Nursing, Health & Professional Practice Rep: Deborah Farrington
Black & Ethnic Minorities Rep: Maliha Ahmed
Disabled Students Rep: Samuel Crothers
Environmental Rep: Chloe Price
Returners to Education Rep: Debra Holt 
Women's Rep: Emiley McCoy
Societies Rep: Shelby Mercer
Sports Groups' Rep: Molly O'Sullivan

Student Trustees:
Shelby Mercer
Sam Abram
Calvin Rodgerson



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