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Risk Assessment Templates

Managing risk is your responsibility

When planning an event it is required to consider what risks may be involved and how these risks can be managed, and it is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that a Risk Assessment Form has been completed and lodged with UCSU.

To make this easier we have prepared some templates which cover some of the common types of activity undertaken by Student Groups. You should ensure that the template you use has been thoroughly reviewed, amended and updated to reflect the event you are planning - the template will probably not cover the exact circumstances of your event!

The templates provided have text in italics which cover some of the common risks and suggested risk management measures. An event organiser must ensure that all reasonable risks are identified and appropriate risk management measures which will be undertaken by the person/group who are completing the risk assessment are listed. For example; some of the templates list 'First Aider present' as a risk management measure - only include this if you know that you will have someone with a valid First Aid certificate attending your event who has agreed to providing that service! 

Risk Assessments for UCSU-supported Activity

UCSU affiliated Student Groups can seek support from the Groups Facilitator on how best to complete a Risk Assessment form either by calling 01524 590810 or emailing

Completed Risk Assessments should be emailed to the Groups Facililator on the above email at least 10 working days before the event is due to occur.

Risk Assessment for Campus Vibrancy Activity

UCSU is part of a University of Cumbria-wide partnership to encourage activity and events on all campuses, and as such the provided Risk Assessment templates are also available for use as part of a Campus Vibrancy Event application. Event organisers should still ensure that the template has been reviewed and adapted to suit the needs of the specific event. The completed Risk Assessment should then be attached to an email along with the Campus Vibrancy Event Application form and sent to

Please also note that if your event includes bringing an external speaker onto campus (i.e. someone who is not a current student or staff member of the University of Cumbria) you will also need to complete and attach an External Speaker form to your Campus Vibrancy Event application email.

Risk Assessment Templates

File Type of activity/event/opportunity covered
Physical Activity Template Template for physical activities (non-sporting)
Film Template Template for film or discussion event
Live Event Template Template for an event involving alcohol, live music or nightclub type activity
Visit Template Template for a trip or visit to an external venue (or involving travel between sites)
Sport Template Template for a sporting or high intensity physical event.