Rowan Cooper-Gritten

Welfare & Support Officer


About Me

Hi there, I'm Rowan, you're Twice-Elected Welfare & Support Officer. I'm 22 years old, and have been in Carlisle since the beginning of my studies on the 'Wildlife Media Course', in September 2013.

Hobbies include: Creative things, Yoga, Meditation/Mindfulness, Campaigning for societal improvement and liberation, Travelling/Adventure, Mastery of the mind & body, relaxed socialising, Cooking. If any of those also appeal to you, then there's potential to team-up and co-create some wonderful changes to your student experience!


My Role

My position and responsibilities primarily address ensuring that your time at university is to ensure that you have what you need to keep healthy, happy and well supported. If you ever feel that something needs changing to make the university a healthier, happier, more inclusive and equal place to be- then come and talk to me!

Being the 'outdoorsy' nature-lover & vegan type, many of my interests tie into conserving the environment, protecting animals and encouraging and supporting sustainable living. Health & Happiness is also among my top Forte's of interest and expertise, so a large part of my campaigning efforts are based on promoting the quality of your student experience through means of being happier and healthier! So if you'd like support, advice or suggestions on any of these topics, please get in touch.


My Manifesto

I aim to achieve:

  • increase number of food options available
  • raise activity of ecological initiatives
  • increase student awareness and participation in health and wellbeing events


Contact Me

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