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Salute Awards 2018

The Salute Awards

Round one of the Salute Awards kicked off in Carlisle on the 18th of April 2018 at the Hallmark Hotel followed by an event in Lancaster at the Lancaster House Hotel on the 20th of April. The award ceremonies were preceded by a formal reception and a three course dinner for the guests which consisted of University of Cumbria staff and students, UCSU staff, guests and members of the local communities.

A celebration of the achievements of staff and students from the university campuses the awards were certainly a highlight of the year with over 120 attendees including the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor, all of who helped to achieve the aim of the awards which were celebrate the efforts and achievements of the students and staff who make the University such a pleasure to learn and work at.

The awards were presented to the winners by UCSU’s full time elected Officers – Rowan Cooper – Gritten (Welfare & Support Officer), Anna Fletcher (Academic Officer) and Hannah Price (Community and Partnership Officer).

Photos to follow.

Winners - Carlisle 

UCSU Volunteer of the Year

Natasha Bezuszko -  I wasn’t expecting it at all actually. I wasn’t expecting to be nominated to by fair so it is really nice to win; it is really nice of everyone to actually vote for me, so yeah I am really happy!’


Community Volunteer of the Year

Suzanne Collinson  - I didn’t expect it and I was pleased just to be nominated!


Society Member of the Year

Hayley Savage -  feel really honoured for my society, to be nominated, to be shortlisted and to win it I feel really honoured and just excited and nervous! It means so much! It’s about recognising not just all the hard work that I have put in but other members of the society so I’m taking this one for the team.


Special Mention Award

Bernie Simpson

Totally overwhelmed, humbled, and blown away. I’m absolutely over the moon; I didn’t expect it to be honest with you, I thoughts I was in a pretty strong category with other contenders who were worthy in my opinion but yeah, chuffed, chuffed to bits. It’s a big thing to be nominated but to pick up the award is huge.


Society of the Year

Midwifery Society

Sarah (speaking on behalf of the society): We are shocked, excited because obviously we were up against another two great competitors so being shortlisted was great and winning is obviously a great thing to have. I think it will be a great boost to the society because obviously we have worked so hard to get it running, get members and obviously we have a conference coming up on the 31st of May with excellent speakers!


Representatives of the Year

Lesley Agyemang - I didn’t know I was going to win, I thought it was just a nomination, just come here and have fun. It means a lot to pick up this award because being representative of the year means a lot to me. I’m doing the student ambassador and student representative, it is important that students have a voice so I’m doing it every year.

Anna Lynch


Lecturers of the Year

Ashely Tiffen - I’m shocked, surprised, very surprised as I did not expect to win. I was up against so fantastic nominees tonight so yeah, I’m surprised. It’s nice to be recognised but you’ve get to think I work in a team, this is my colleagues, this is all of us pulling together and I’m going to say this; I work with some fantastic students as well.  It is a pleasure to come to work and work with those students so it’s the icing on the cake to get an award such as this.

Tilly Reid - Apologies for being unable to attend on the evening. Thank you so much for this award. It is a huge honour for our programme.


Student of the Year Award

Elizabeth Molloy

Emotional! It was quite a surprise, not expecting it at all and I’m really really chuffed. Coming back to university at the last minute because I wasn’t sure I was capable, now standing here as student of the year, it is quite amazing. It means the world because for the past five years I couldn’t work and so I decided I would come back to university and keep my brain going. It feels amazing to be foundation year and achieve that!


Winners - Lancaster 

Community Volunteer of the Year

Charlotte Spooner -I'm Speechless, shellshocked and quite excited!


UCSU Volunteer of the Year & Rep of the Year

Amy Kenworthy

I'm overwhelmed! Surprised- I didn’t think I would be nominated! I’ve had excellent opportunities with volunteering, and I look forward to working in UCSU. Thanks to those who nominated me!


Society Member of the Year & Society of the Year

Abigail Grimshaw

Saints Cheerleading (Captain- Abigail)

We are shocked- really good, really shocked! I feel really, really proud of all the girls, they’ve worked so hard. Awards are a really nice thing to do. Excellent to get all the teams together, the awards should be a thing every year.


Lecturers of the Year

Dr. Penny Bradshaw - I'm absolutely thrilled. Delighted to be nominated. As a lecturer, it’s lovely for the nominations to come from the students.

Louise Corless - I'm quite surprised- a bit embarrassed! Any of the staff in my team were worthy of being nominated.


Representative of the Year

Deborah Farrington - I'm shocked. I was proud, (when nominated) but I didn’t think I would win


Sportsperson of the Year

Kate Moran I don’t know (how I'm feeling)  I didn’t expect to win! Thank you to the [Women’s Rugby] team-  I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you to UCSU also, for their support this year.


Team of the Year

Netball (Courtney Mallinson) - Fabulous! It was really nice to see that other people enjoyed the charity event we put on in January


Student of the Year

Catherine Hind - I'm Stunned, very honoured. Really flattered (to be nominated). It’s lovely that people have supported me and to have that recognised. A huge thank you to everyone, especially the lecturers in the nursing department.          


Winners - London 

Lecturer of the Year

Pinaki Chakrabarti

Student of the Year 

Shah Zuhara Kamali ​

Special Mention Award

Jenna Jiggens​

Student Represenative of the Year

Rumana Akhtar ​

Alumni of the Year

Ahmad Sayed