Salute Awards 2018

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The Salute Awards

This year, UCSU would like to celebrate the staff and students who enrich each of our campuses through their contributions to, and engagement with, student experience, democracy, and opportunities. The Salute Awards have been designed to recognise and thank those who enhance our campuses into inviting, nurturing hubs of personal growth.

To do this, we need your help! Who has made a difference to your student experience this year? It could be your favourite lecturer or tutor who goes the extra mile, a staff member that has supported you with your studies, or a fellow student that has inspired you. Whoever and whatever their contribution, you can help celebrate them by nominating them for a Salute Award. Shortlisted nominees from each category will be invited to attend an Awards ceremony and dinner to celebrate their contributions alongside their peers.

Guidance on making a good submission:

  • Use examples and quotes where possible, so the panel are aware of the impact the person you have submitted has had on you or others.
  • If the person you are submitting has previously won awards, please do include this but make sure you explain why this person won this award, so the panel know what this person carried out to achieve the award.
  • Be sure you illustrate how the person you are submitting demonstrates qualities they have! Try to avoid generic statements such as “she is amazing” or “he is the best tutor I have ever had”; the panel needs to see evidence of how this person is amazing or why they are the best tutor.
  • Think about what makes the person you are submitting stand out, and make sure that message comes across clearly in your submission 

To view the Carlisle awards and nominate head to:

To view the Lancaster awards and nominate head to:

To view the Ambleside awards and nominate head to:

Nominations close 30th of March and the shortlist will be announced shortly thereafter.


Please note that by placing a submission you are consenting to having your name and professional details, and any available quotations used as part of the awards evening, in the project’s final report and in other UCSU, NUS and HEA documents, resources, and events. Award winners and shortlisted submissions will also be consenting to the same.

If any information you are submitting is sensitive or private please make sure you have checked with the person that you are submitting for the award that they are happy for this information to be included  as this information may be used on the evening of the awards to explain why this person has been shortlisted/won the award.