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If you choose to vote no, you are supporting the current constitution.


As with the proposal (Yes option) all students can submit an Idea they may have about the University, the Students’ Union, or student life via our website.

To see how this works at the moment go to:


Students can support Ideas submitted by “liking” them. Ideas need 25 likes to be passed onto the Sabbatical Officers – more about them below.


We have three Officers. They consider students' Ideas and can decide to aciton them or pass them to The Panel. They are:

  • Academic Officer - The Academic Officer focuses on academic matters.
  • Welfare & Support Officer - The Welfare & Support Officer focuses on students’ health and wellbeing.
  • Community & Partnership OfficerThe Community & Partnership Officer focuses on student communities and partnership with external organisations.

The Officers are elected each year by all students and are paid to take a year out of their studies (or a year after they’ve graduated) to represent students and lead the Students’ Union.


The Panel is made up of 27 voluntary elected positions. They are: Co-Chair (x2); Societies Rep; Sports Groups Rep; Black & Ethnic Minorities Rep; Disabled Students' Rep; Environmental Rep; International Students' Rep; LGBTQ Rep; Men's Rep; Part-Time Students' Rep; Postgraduate Students' Rep; Return to Education Rep; Women's Rep; Ambleside Rep, Brampton Rd. Rep; Fusehill St. Rep; Lancaster Rep; London Rep; Distance Learning Rep; Business, Law, Policing & Social Sciences Rep; Health, Psychology & Social Studies Rep; Institute of Education Rep; Institute of the Arts Rep; Medical & Sports Sciences Rep; Nursing, Health & Professional Practice Rep; Science, Natural Resources & Outdoor Studies Rep.

The Panel meet four times a year to discuss students' Ideas.


When you vote in The Big Vote, you are choose between two sets of important documents. These documents basically set out what we will do and how things will work.

We've tried to explain and summarise the content of the "No" documents above. The documents are:

  UCSU Constitution