We need a therapy puppy which can also be the mascot for the uni.

by Courtney Richardson 27 January 2020, 15:00

Category: University Petition

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After doing some research, it has been found that therapy puppies are becoming more popular. This is because the cuteness of the puppy allows endorphines to be released into our bodies.


I believe that The university of Cumbria- Fusehill Campus should look into getting a puppy for this reason and they could also gain a mascot too. 


I understand some people have allergies, so in order to work around this the puppy could be in designated areas of the university, which means those allergic can avoid those areas. 


please sign, it is a good cause. 


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    Andrew Bush   wrote, 03-02-2020 - 23:38

    can this be at all campus's

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