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UCSU Values

We have four key values which inform everything that we do.


Enjoying working with and for you

  • We will positively and enthusiastically welcome you to our space.
  • We adapt our tone and body language to be approachable.
  • We try to understand your situation.
  • We think you matter. We will actively listen to you.
  • We are happy to chat.


Relevant to, involving of, and accessible for you

  • We communicate effectively to reach all students by removing barriers to access.
  • We represent all of you and consider all of you.
  • We don't make judgements/assumptions.
  • We have time for everyone.
  • We let students know about our diverse range of opportunities and services.
  • We actively educate ourselves on current equality issues.


Always striving to do our best for you

  • We challenge others to do their best for you.
  • We welcome and embrace feedback.
  • We shout about your successes and shout about our successes.
  • We seek solutions.
  • We set the highest of standards.
  • We are always learning, improving and striving to be the best.

Member Led

Our services, opportunities and activities are informed by what matters to you

  • We give you options.
  • We encourage students to participate.
  • We tell students what we are doing for them.
  • We ask students what they want.
  • We actively listen.
  • We act once we have listened.
  • We put your needs first.

If at any instance you feel that we are not achieving our values, please email, Welfare and Support Officer and Chair of the Trustee Board.