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Organisation step-by-step registration


1. Click on " Register as an organisation"

2. Add your logo - this will automatically appear on every further opportunity that you post on the platform

3. Add something about the organisation/charity - this should be a generic statement that lets volunteers know what your organisation/charity does, in broad terms. Please note this is NOT where you would post an opportunity for students.

4. Register a contact and create a password - we would suggest that you register a central person, who will also hold the password as an organisational account, to avoid this information being lost when an employee leaves.

5. Do not forget to upload a current copy of your Public Liability Insurance and Health & Safety Policy. If your organisation/charity does not have these documents, please call us on 01524 590810, to see if we can help.

6. Tell us briefly, what you do to look after your volunteers.

7. Hit apply and once we have verified and cleared you, you are ready to advertise your own opportunities! Please note that this process may take a few days but if you have not heard from us after 5 working days, please give us a call at the above number.

Setting Up Your Opportunities

1. Go to and click on "Log in", which should appear on the top right-hand side of the screen.

2. Now scroll down the page and locate "Click here" which is situated under the big blue box.

3. When prompted, enter you username and password and sign in.

4. If you now look at the top right-hand of the page and click on your name, you should be able to see "Manage opportunities". 

5. Select "New opportunity" and you will be faced with a screen in which you can input details for your opportunity. Most of it should be self-explanatory but if you get stuck, give us a call and we will do our best to guide you through. Please note that Start date - refers to the date on which you want the listing to go live and inversely, End date - is the date on which you want the listing to disappear from the platform. Selecting "Public" will allow all students, as opposed to just those who are registered as volunteers, to view your opportunity.

6. When you are ready, just hit publish, and your opportunity will appear on the platform for students to see.

What Happens Next?

1. Volunteers can apply directly through the website and you will receive an email notification.

2. Respond to this email using the link provided in the text. This will take you to the log in page first. Once you’ve logged in, you will see the ‘manage opportunities’ page with the names of volunteers who have applied.

3. The status column will say ‘pending approval.’

4. To approve or decline a volunteer, please view the volunteer’s profile in the filter column to the right of the status and action as desired, using the icon on the right.