Log Your Hours

If you’re already volunteering that's great! Just download the hours form and you can record any volunteering that you do whilst you're a student at UoC. Please email any completed forms back to kati.brown@cumbria.ac.uk and Kati will keep a record of them in the Students’ Union (you’ll also receive a volunteering T-shirt once we’ve received your first form).

Check out our example form to make sure you are accurately accredited for every minute you spend helping others.

You can email any new or additional hours forms as and when you do more volunteering. At the end of University you’ll receive a UCSU Volunteering Certificate that states the total number of hours you’ve volunteered and the projects you’ve been involved in, signed by the University's Vice Chancellor and UCSU's Community & Partnership Full timeOfficer.

If you haven't done so already click here to register as a Volunteer

For an idea of what counts as volunteering, and to find out more about becoming a volunteer, check out the Next Step Guide.