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Start a Group

Groups (Club & Societies) are the classic University experience. Whether you're thinking about an academic Group to enhance your course, a sports team to attain glory or a society to do something else entirely - we accept everyone and want to help make your dream happen.

The following is rough guide of how a Group starts being a Group. It's not the only way and every Group has it's own requirements - so please, ask questions and do what works for you!

Step 1: Relax - The good news is that if you're 3 or more people meeting on a regular basis to do a thing - you're probably a Group already! Skip ahead to the next step.

If you're not 3 people, don't worry about it. Contact and we can get a message out to other students that might want to do the same thing you want to do.

Step 2: Its your Group, love it - At UCSU we offer an affiliation system. That means we're not here to take over or do everything for you. It means if you chose to you register your club or society with the
Students Union; For  a small fee and by accepting our terms - you will get access to a whole raft of support and incentives, that help you get the most out of running your Group. 

*Read the policy documents and hanbook below  before completing your registration.

Step 3: Leave a mark - Starting a Group is an amazing way to leave a legacy at your Uni. If you do a great job (which you will) you can come back in 10 years and see your club running better than ever and all of that is thanks to you.