Student Support Terms & Conditions of Service

1. Confidentiality

UCSU’s Support Service provides a confidential service to all our members. Any information that you disclose to a member of the team will remain confidential. We may discuss your case within the Service Team to ensure you get the best possible support. We will not discuss your issues with anyone outside of the Support Team without your explicit consent, unless we believe that there is a risk of significant harm. If the need ever arises to break confidentiality, information will only be discussed on a need to know basis and we will seek to talk to you about this first wherever possible. In exceptional circumstances, we may disclose information without your consent, where in our professional judgement, exceptional circumstances apply or it is in your best interests for us to do so.

2. Authority to act on your behalf

This is an optional element of our service’s terms and conditions; we will ask you when booking appointments with UCSU’s Support Service if you agree to this element. In agreeing to provide UCSU Authority, you consent to UCSU;

Making enquiries to the University of Cumbria on your behalf, on specific issues relevant to your enquiries, and only with your expressed permission provided to us either verbally or in writing;

Requesting copies of specific correspondence relevant to your enquiry, from the University of Cumbria, including information regarding when and how such correspondence were sent to you. Any request to the University of Cumbria may be done in advance of such correspondence taking place if UCSU is expecting specific processes to take place in the near future. Such requests are limited to the following items;

o Statement of results or Transcripts

o Any and all Correspondence regarding alleged academic malpractices.

o Any and all Correspondence regarding Academic Appeals.

o Any and all Correspondence regarding Formal or Informal Complaints.

o Any and all Correspondence regarding Progress reviews, adjudications or fitness to practice procedures and processes including fixed penalty notices.

The authority to act on your behalf is only valid for 3 calendar months, each time you agree to provide UCSU Authority; a new authority is enacted valid for 3 calendar months. You can rescind this authority at any time, by informing us

on 01228 616 272 or 01524 590 810 or via email to

3. Data Protection

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, UCSU’s Support service uses external services for appointment booking and case management systems. These services are Advice pro, developed by a partnership of Advice UK and ACM Solutions, and; and are expected to meet the standards of ISO27001 - Information security management, and compliance to EU Data Protection Law. UCSU uses these systems to maintain a record of casework and appointments booked by students. The information stored on these systems is stored for the sole use of the Support Team and personal details will not be passed on to any organisation other than in exceptional circumstances explained in section 1 or with consent as explained in section 2. Anonymous statistics may be collected to support learning, to inform campaigning and the development of the service. Data will be kept for a period of six years, after which time all identifiable data will be destroyed; other data may be retained for future benchmarking purposes. For the avoidance of all doubt, data which is destroyed includes; all personal data, including basic client details, contact details, equality monitoring information and any and all case notes and attachments kept on your file. For the avoidance of all doubt, data which is retained includes; course details (except in cases where this identifies the student), which procedures and processes where enacted, and any actions or outcomes of those procedures and processes.

4. Equal Opportunities Monitoring

In addition to collecting your personal details we will also ask you to provide data that helps us to monitor equal opportunities. This type of data is recognised as being sensitive data and is therefore optional and you do not have to provide it if you do not want to, but if you do it will only be used for this purpose. This data may also be used anonymously to help shape our service, by ensuring we are reaching all students.

5. Booking appointments

UCSU uses a secure online booking facility to provide accessible and convenient appointments for our members. By booking your appointment online, you are required to agree to UCSU’s terms and conditions and’s terms and conditions. By accepting these terms and conditions you consent to receiving sms messages on the number you have provided, from the booking system; these messages will only be to confirm your booking, remind you of your booking, notify you of any changes to your booking including cancelations. You will not receive any other messages that outlined by UCSU without your explicit consent.