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University of Cumbria Students' Union

The University of Cumbria Students’ Union (UCSU) is an independent charity here to represent and support you throughout your time at university. Once you join UoC you automatically become a member of UCSU.

Led by three full time, elected representatives, we will be there to make sure everything you do at university is done to the fullest, be that joining or starting a group, getting involved in volunteering, student voice, student networks or campaigns. We also provide independent support with academic matters as well as so much more!

We have four key values which inform everything that we do.


Enjoying working with and for you

  • We will positively and enthusiastically welcome you to our space.
  • We adapt our tone and body language to be approachable.
  • We try to understand your situation.
  • We think you matter. We will actively listen to you.
  • We are happy to chat.



Relevant to, involving of, and accessible for you

  • We communicate effectively to reach all students by removing barriers to access.
  • We represent all of you and consider all of you.
  • We don't make judgements/assumptions.
  • We have time for everyone.
  • We let students know about our diverse range of opportunities and services.
  • We actively educate ourselves on current equality issues.



Always striving to do our best for you

  • We challenge others to do their best for you.
  • We welcome and embrace feedback.
  • We shout about your successes and shout about our successes.
  • We seek solutions.
  • We set the highest of standards.
  • We are always learning, improving and striving to be the best.


Member Led

Our services, opportunities and activities are informed by what matters to you

  • We give you options.
  • We encourage students to participate.
  • We tell students what we are doing for them.
  • We ask students what they want.
  • We actively listen.
  • We act once we have listened.
  • We put your needs first.

If at any instance you feel that we are not achieving our values, please email, Welfare and Support Officer and Chair of the Trustee Board.

Contact Us

Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can improve your university experience. We always love to hear from our members. You can also pop in to one of our offices on campus during opening hours. If you need to book an appointment with our Student Support team just click on the Student Support tab for details.


Telephone: 01524 590810


UCSU  has an office available on the Ambleside campus in Rigg Cottage. Come and meet the Ambleside Campus Community Developer, Adam Davies - he is usually on-site Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Brampton Road

Donna Salter is the Community Developer for the Brampton Rd. campus. You can find our office at the end of the long corridor past the PaD office and we will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Fusehill Street 

The Fusehill Street Campus in Carlisle will be open from Monday to Thursday, 10 am till 4 pm and is located on the ground floor of the Learning Gateway.

Carlisle Fusehill Street               Carlisle Brampton Road                 Lancaster Campus
Learning Gateway                       University of Cumbria                    Gateway Building
University of Cumbria                 Brampton Road                              University of Cumbria
Fusehill Street                              Carlisle                                             Bowerham Road
Carlisle                                          Cumbria                                           Lancaster
CA1 2HH                                       CA3 9AY                                           LA1 3JD