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At UCSU, we help create opportunities for students to improve their course, express their concerns and bring about positive change. At a local level or as a national movement, you can have a voice within the University and wider society!


How does this affect me?

UCSU takes the lead from you, the students at the University of Cumbria, to drive improvements and changes that help shape your university experience. And this is how....


Full Time Officers 

These officers are elected by you every year. They work for you and can help by providing support to resolve a variety of issues as well as by running targeted campaigns. There are 3 full time officers. Find out who your officers for 2017/18 will be.

Full-time officer Theresa Pellegrino

Academic: Theresa Pellegrino - deals with issues arising from your course such as continuous timetabling changes, poor tutoring, placement issues, etc. Lead representative on all matters concerning your academic experience. Email, tweet @AcademicOfficer, or add Theresa on Facebook.

Full-time officer Rowan Cooper-Gritten

Welfare & Support: Rowan Cooper-Gritten - deals with issues regarding accommodation, student health & wellbeing, etc. Lead representative on all matters relating to physical, mental and sexual health and to promotion of access to student groups and volunteering opportunities. Email or add Rowan on Facebook.

Full-time officer Bethany Cutter

Community & Partnership: Bethany Cutter - deals with any issues regarding your campus, local residents and student activities. Responsible for developing student communities and enhancing student involvement at local level. Email, tweet @BethanyUcsu or add Bethany on Facebook.

Student Trustees

UCSU is a Charity and some of its Trustees are students. They also get in post through Elections, usually in March. There are currently 3 Student Trustees. Find out who the student trustees for 2017/18 will be.

Trustees help to oversee the work of the Students' Union and ensure that Charity requirements are met and that the Union continues to work for the benefit and best interests of students.



Student Academic Reps

These representatives are students who volunteer to speak out on the quality of a course or a Department. They are chosen by their class mates at the beginning of the year. Try to find out who your rep is as they can offer you useful advice!  If you'd like to be the Student Academic Rep for your course, have a look here!


Your Ideas

Any student can directly feed their ideas/thoughts/needs to us, either online, via one of our suggestion boxes by the offices, through one of the Officers or when our team visits your campus. Make sure that you submit your suggestion this year!  Click here to submit Your Idea right now!


The Panel

This is a group of student representatives, chosen through elections, who gather 4 times a year to make decisions on how to take forward students' suggestions and ideas. Give our Cumbria SU Facebook page a 'like' to keep up-to-date with all the Panel's latest news and more!  For more info on The Panel, or to nominate yourself for a position, visit our Panel pages here.