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The Squealer


The Squealer magazine was launched in 2015 to celebrate the latest news, achievements and success of students from throughout the University of Cumbria community. We publish several editions throughout the academic year and we want to hear all your stories and achievements!

Look out for copies of The Squealer at all campus sites, and you can check them out right here too! Braille and larger text versions are also available by request!

Have you got a good story to tell? Maybe you're a keen photographer or graphic designer? A passionate student group member or volunteer? Or maybe you've just got a great idea for a feature we should be covering...whatever you're into, we want to know about it!

Here's our very quick guide to contributing to The Squealer and even quicker Squealer checklist to get you started...

If you'd like to contribute to The Squealer, please contact Rachel O'Donovan at rachel.o'