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Brampton Rd. garden competition.

Thursday 31-01-2019 - 15:52

March 4th marks the start of UCSU’s Mental Health Week. As part of this, we’re organising a spot of “garden therapy”

The Outdoor Stage area on campus is looking a little under loved and we’d like to challenge you to create a design that turns it into a garden which students (and staff) can enjoy as a quiet retreat to relax and take some time out.

The winning design will be brought to life on a Volunteer Day!

The brief (what your design should include):

Preserve the sites history - Did you know Hadrian’s Wall runs under our campus? Digging needs to be avoided, and the judges will be looking for creative solutions for planting.

Create a calm refuge - It’s mental health week, so your plan should embrace calm and tranquillity. The winning design will include seating, and places to work/ meet quietly.

Be an outdoor gallery/ theatre - The garden design should include student artwork and/or scope to include pieces in the future and incorporate the existing Outdoor Stage, although improvements to this may be considered (if they meeting planning permission)

Be low maintenance – The garden will be built by a team of volunteers in a day, and maintained by student volunteers. The design should reflect this and incorporate features and plants that will look great without extensive work.

How to enter:
To enter, submit a drawing of your design from a bird’s eye point of view and a short description of how your garden would work as a quiet space by 5pm on 25th February to

You can use this template to guide your design, if you wish.

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