Charlotte's December update

Wednesday 23-12-2020 - 17:08
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Well I wish it could be Christmas every day…. of December that is!! I can confirm, that since watching The Grinch for one of our Christmas events; I am a ‘Who’ and Molly is the Grinch. Ha! A lot of behind the scene work has been going on this month… Planning for Re-ignite (a more relaxed, re-run of welcome week); student feedback meetings for course reps ran by the representative for your campus and Lucy; AND we had our FIRST Board of Trustee meeting, with our NEW student and external Trustees!! Welcome, welcome to: Tim, Suzanne, Jill and Thomas. I must say, I think you are ALL a fantastic addition to our team.

Us officers have decided to use this space in our articles, to personally reflect on our manifesto’s, your feedback and what we have already achieved this semester. Giving us the chance for you to give us some feedback, and pinpoint what we need to focus on in 2021.

Well this job wasn’t what I signed up for at all… Let’s play the blame game, shall we? I’ll go first and last! I blame Covid 19.

But this still doesn’t mean that we can’t try, does it? Activities have only been held online at the university this year, with minimal face to face contact, which has been soooo difficult for me. I thrive on human interaction and social events, I’m sorry that we couldn’t provide that. You asked for more events and student-led activities, we have tried our BEST to make our Welcome week and other events throughout the year as interesting, fun and interactive as possible. What was your favourite? What I am looking forward to the most in the new year is Re-ignite fortnight and Student Volunteering Week, keep your eyes peeled in the new year!! 0.o

My BIGGEST and most exciting manifesto point was to incorporate a ‘day out’ from different campuses onto one. A day where students are able to go another campus and learn new and exciting extra-curricular skills, which are already being taught at our university. For example, students will be able to come to Ambleside campus and survey some wild animals, OR be taken out on the lake by our outdoor leadership students to learn how to paddle! This way the students learning at that campus can apply their skills and knowledge to something they could be doing in the workplace. Well that didn’t happen, did it!! I hope that in the next semester I can start to get the ball rolling with this plan…. What courses do you think I should start with?

On a sweeter note, Molly and I have been working on a calendar where all events and activities (both from the university and students’ union) will be collated. We hope that this will be the hub of extra-curricular, skills, fun and relaxation.

2020 has been a sh***y year – sorry Rachel. But we have each other and our families at UCSU and UoC to get through it. We are stronger than we know.

- Take care polar bear


Charlotte Wheele, Activities Officer

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