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Charlotte's October update

Friday 30-10-2020 - 16:04
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Heyooo, I hope everyone’s semester is going spectacularly giving the circumstances!!  Apologies for not being in touch for soooooo long. We felt like it was more beneficial to do a monthly update… SO HERE WE ARE :D

Where should I start? I guess Welcome Week! As we all know it has been real different this year, the online world has not done me well, due to my dyslexia; but thank you for everyone who did take part on my first Welcome Week. It was a blast!! For those of you who haven’t signed up to Discord yet -tut tut-, the link is here >>

Onto October ey? Black History Month I decided to do my own campaign alongside the rest of the SU. This included your groups and societies role models for each group remit. Have a cheeky peak of these on my Facebook and Instagram page J They are all wonderful, amazing and inspiring people. Please, please. Please! Tell me what you think and any improvements will be greatly received!

Apart from campaigns and awareness months, I have been working with the board of trustees - they ensure that the union is doing their job properly and has the best interest of their members (you the students). We have been recruiting new external trustees -who have the experience and knowledge to point us in the best direction -; alongside student trustees – this is you, we want your opinions and expertise on the ground level to be able to ensure we doing are representing and supporting you to the best of our abilities! Find out more here >>

Onto the future…. At the moment I am focussing on my manifesto points! Groups, groups and more groups! Making the website and Guide to Groups accessible, clear and concise is proving to be a lot more work than I expected, but fun never-the-less! I’m hoping to look into the operations of setting events up too J Hopefully with these improvements, more academic events and extra-curricular activities can be hosted!

- That’s all for now, brown cow x


Charlotte Wheele, Activities Officer, Officer Updates

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