Charlotte's weekly article: 11.09.2020

Friday 11-09-2020 - 16:48
New office who dis

Hello my lovely people, I hope you are all well and getting superrrr excited about moving back to uni, Welcome Week and starting ur courses!!! If ur not, that’s ok it can be a daunting time for everyone, just know that us at the SU are here to help – even if its for a coffee and catch-up 😊

This week has been a whirlwind! To begin with I thought Welcome Week started Monday… Turns out I have an extra week to sort bits out – YAY! We had our VERY FIRST Executive Committee meeting, I am soo thankful to have such a good team beside me this year <3 u all! I have been in meetings with UoC Active to get the run down about gym opening times and regulations – keep an eye out on my social media early next week for all the goss! Finally, I have been trying to get some manifesto ideas developed and in the works – procrastination is a real thing okkkkkk!! Looks like it might be a job for next week

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned! If ur struggling to find something to do, why don’t u sign up to our discord server? I know, I know… Promo promo, but its ma job sooooo JOIN DISCORD!!!!!!!!! Here’s the link 😉 . If you have any questions about it/ why you join/ how to use it feel free to email, direct message me on any social media platform and I will try my very hardest to help <3

- Time to go Buffalo x

Ps. DID I SAY THIS IS OUR FIRST WEEK ON CAMPUS!? Come find us in Ambleside at Rigg Cottage 


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