December monthly update

Wednesday 23-12-2020 - 14:32

December has been such a busy month for me.  I have hosted five campus wide meetings for all the Academic reps, Course reps, and us officers. Each campus had so much interesting feedback to give and the discussions were so beneficial! They have definitely added lots of items to my to – do list but I have already begun to action some of them and will feed back to reps as soon as I complete their question/task.

This month I have also been busy representing you on a national level. I attended virtual conferences with Student Union officers across the country where I shared your feedback and brainstormed with others on how to best help you. I also attended a virtual q and a session with the Universities Minister where we got to ask questions and challenge her where needed. All of these meetings will help me better represent you next semester and I am so excited to do so!

As well as meetings we have also been hosting/going to host some events throughout December (Two Netflix watch parties, a Christmas tree competition, a Winter Wonderland Quiz tonight, and a relaxing get together on Christmas day). I hope that these events will help ease the winter blues, help you to relax after a long semester, and help connect students virtually.

December has also been a time for reflection for us officers. As this semester draws to a close we have been reflecting on what we have achieved this semester.

For me, a big part of what I have achieved this semester is all to do with the rep programme. I have changed the rep programme (hopefully for the better) with new handbook, new training programme, and the introduction of workshops which will be ran throughout the year. I have also been trying my best to ensure that reps see me as someone they can go to for any questions/help they need – even if we are virtual this year. I am lucky that we have some amazing reps! I could not have done it without you all, you should all be so so proud of yourselves! I know I am proud of you all!

I have also successfully ran a social media campaign during National Careers Month where I posted every day on social media. I did posts on CVs, Interview skills, Personal statements, study tips, and more! Hopefully you all picked up a little something from this – and if you have any ideas about what Career advice you want to learn about next, please just drop me a message.

Finally, this semester I have worked with the amazing Molly and Charlotte. (sidenote whilst I complement them haha) They are both so amazing and I could not have done half as much without them, they have helped motivate me when I am burnt out, helped brainstorm ideas with me, and every day they inspire me to do better! I cannot thank them enough and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met them both (and now back to our joint projects)

We have put together campaigns for awareness months/days – Black History Month, Movember, and International Men’s day. We have also supported you through Covid by setting up a student food bank which has helped students who need some food to tie them over a few days when they have to isolate but have no food in house. As well as creating wellbeing packs to give to all students living in halls as a little pick me up for students in lockdown. (don’t worry – there is also a digital pack available for those who don’t live in halls – just check our website).

I believe that is everything I have done this semester, although knowing me I have probably forgotten a thing or two haha. I can’t wait to show you all what I have planned for semester two! Though if you have any ideas for what I should be working on, just drop me a message any time, after all I am here to represent you!

Lots of love and have a great winter break Lucy xxx


Lucy Haddath, Academic Officer, Officer Updates

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