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As your Students’ Union, we want you to have a great night out, and to support you in making sure that you consider both how you feel before you head out, and how you want to feel the next morning, too…


Welcome 2018

During Welcome 2018 we would love you to be involved in Nightwise, our campaign to encourage conversations and safe behaviours which promote a good night out. We plan to begin these conversations with you by asking…

    - Do you feel our partnership venues are safe?

    - Do you know how you are getting home?

    - What are you having for dinner before you head out? 

    - Who are you heading out with?

    - Are you aware that your behaviour when you go out could impact on your course?

    - Do you understand the student code of conduct?

    - Do you know the support available should an incident happen on a night out?


Keep an eye out for the Nightwise logo, and for us visiting your halls to share useful ideas, materials, and treats to help you to stay safe.


Get Involved

If you want to be involved, please contact Amy, your Welfare & Support Officer!


At your nearest UCSU office: Amy is based in Lancaster




Success Stories

Since the launch of Nightwise in January 2018, we’ve had several students feeding back to us about the Nightwise campaign… to mention a couple of lovely stories…

One student was reunited with their mobile phone as they had completed one of our Nightwise cards which was in the back of their phone case. The Nightwise cards are a business card with local taxi numbers on which also includes a place to write the contact details for a friend. It helped reunite the mobile with its owner!

The Nightwise cards also ensured a student was called when their friend needed some support after an incident on a night out. They were then able to go and be there for their friend thanks to the completed night wise card being kept in their bag!

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