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We want microwaves on campus.


Fed up with commuting into University and having nowhere to heat your food up? 

Fed up with commuting into University and having nowhere to eat your food up?

We think the University should provide microwaves for all students to use.


Sign the petition at



See the Ideas that started it all here: Student Microwaves in Canteen at Lancaster and other campuses & Microwave in the canteen at Carlisle Fusehill Street


Ambleside Gym

We think it's about time Ambleside students had a gym.


We know that many of our members in Ambleside have quite physical courses which require them to be fit and active.

Do you need somewhere to exercise and keep fit?

Is the nearest alternative too far away and too expensive?


Sign the petition at



See the Idea which started it all here: Ambleside Campus Gym


Pink Spots

On Monday 22nd January we will be launching the Pink Spots Project in an effort to combat period poverty amongst students- and we need your help!

The Project aims to provide free sanitary products to students in need of them, whether you’re caught unprepared out of hours or low on funds. From 22nd January until 2nd February, we will be running a donation drive across Lancaster, Carlisle, Ambleside, and London, in an effort to collect product donations to stock collection points from late February onwards.


Keep your eyes peeled for your nearest Pink Spot, spread the word, and please donate if you can!


To donate: find you nearest Pink Spots Donation Spot at your local campus Reception or UCSU Office.

To get involved: contact Hannah



See the Idea which started it all here: Sanitary bins provided in all femail toilets



On Monday 22nd January we are launching our Nightwise campaign which aims to encourage you to stay safe on a night out.



As your Students Union we are wanting to make sure that you look after yourselves and have a good night.

During Welcome Back come catch us outside your local clubs in Carlisle and Lancaster providing you with snacks and drinks!

We will also be hosting Tea and Toast Hangover Breakfasts so keep your eyes peeled for more information!

From September 2017, students enrolling on Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Higher Education programmes could no longer access NHS Bursaries to fund their tuition fees. Instead students on these programmes are able to access tuition fee and maintenance loans via Student Finance England.

At the University of Cumbria, we have found that our members of Nursing, Health, and Midwifery programmes are increasingly feeling the strain. To complete their courses, students must meet stringent professional requirements. For instance; to successfully complete their course, student Nurses must complete 2300 hours of practice which “is required to be undertaken in direct care of clients”[i]. In practice, this is equivalent to nearly a year-and-a-half of full-time, unpaid work for the NHS[ii]. Students must complete an additional 2300 hours of theory work in a University setting to successfully graduate.

In the past, students were in affect remunerated for their time on placement through the bursaries system.

On 19th February 2018, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced a major review into funding for post-18 education, including Universities. The primary objective of the review was to “ensure a joined-up system that works for everyone” and “encourages the development of the skills that we need as a country[iii].

We feel that the Government needs to do more to support Nursing, Midwifery, and Health students. We also feel the Government needs to do more to attract students onto health and medicine programmes, as applicant numbers continue to drop dramatically following the removal of NHS Bursaries[iv].


It would be nice to bring back bursaries, but just a better financial package for student nurses which doesn’t mean getting in an awful lot of debt and struggle would be ideal!” – Deborah Farrington, Nursing, Health & Professional Practice Rep, University of Cumbria Students’ Union


On Wednesday 2nd May, UCSU will be leading a lobbyiong day in Parliament. We will be joined by MPs, the Royal College of Nursing, other Students' Unions, and student Nurses from across the country.


[i] Nursing and Midwifery Council, Standards for pre-registration nursing education, September 2010, p9, link

[ii] Based upon a minimum full-time working week of 35 hours.

[iii] Department of Education, Review of Post-18 Education and Funding, February 2018, link

[iv] Applications for Nursing programmes fell from 48,230 in January 2017, to 32,580 in January 2018. Source: Alex Matthews-King, Nursing course applications fall for second year after student bursary scrapped, 5th February 2018, The Independent, link