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Nominations are now open for the 2021 Rep Awards!

Say hello to our new revamped Rep Awards for the 2020/21 academic year!

Alongside Bronze, Silver & Gold awards based upon student representatives' engagement in their role and the Students' Union, we are awarding 6 additional new awards!


We are asking all students and staff to nominate student representatives who's work has impacted them, their programme, and the overall student experience for the better.

The awards up for nomination:

  • Institute of the Arts Rep of the Year 2021
  • Institute of Business, Industry & Leadership Rep of the Year 2021
  • Institute of Education Rep of the Year 2021
  • Institute of Health Rep of the Year 2021
  • Institute of Science, Natural Resources & Outdoor Studies Rep of the Year 2021


Each award will be judging by a panel made up of Students' Union and Institute leaders again the following criteria:

  1. They make a positive impact on the University experience of their peers 
  2. They have actively engaged and led their whole cohort 
  3. They work collaboratively with other Reps 
  4. They close the feedback loop by informing students of the progress on any actions arising or the reasons why no action has been taken 
  5. They have worked constructively in partnership with staff to deliver positive change for students 
  6. They have sought to learn and develop their skills
  7. They have gone above and beyond 

Once all Institute awards have been judging, a select number of nominations will be passed onto be judged for our overall award for:

  • Rep of the Year 2021

Rep of the Year will be judged by a panel made up of Students' Union and University leadership.


Judging is due to take place from Monday 31st May - Friday 11th June. Awards are due to be presented later in June.

Nomination Deadline: 12pm (midday), Friday 14th May. Submit your nomination below or by going directly to the form.