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Rep Awards 2021

Say hello to our new revamped Rep Awards for the 2020/21 academic year!

Alongside Bronze, Silver & Gold awards based upon student representatives' engagement in their role and the Students' Union, we are awarding 6 additional new awards!

We are asking all students and staff to nominate student representatives who's work has impacted them, their programme, and the overall student experience for the better.

  • Institute of the Arts Rep of the Year 2021
  • Institute of Business, Industry & Leadership Rep of the Year 2021
  • Institute of Education Rep of the Year 2021
  • Institute of Health Rep of the Year 2021
  • Institute of Science, Natural Resources & Outdoor Studies Rep of the Year 2021
How it Works
  • They make a positive impact on the University experience of their peers 
  • They have actively engaged and led their whole cohort 
  • They work collaboratively with other Reps 
  • They close the feedback loop by informing students of the progress on any actions arising or the reasons why no action has been taken 
  • They have worked constructively in partnership with staff to deliver positive change for students 
  • They have sought to learn and develop their skills
  • They have gone above and beyond 

Once all Institute awards have been judging, a select number of nominations will be passed onto be judged for our overall award for:

Rep of the Year 2021

Rep of the Year will be judged by a panel made up of Students' Union and University leadership.

Judging is due to take place from Monday 31st May - Friday 11th June. Awards are due to be presented later in June.

Nomination Deadline: 12pm (midday), Friday 21st May.

Submit your nomination below or by going directly to the form.