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by Elizabeth Grayson 16 September 2019, 11:51

Category: Catering

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It is an absolute TRAVESTY that calva is getting shut this year. It is going to cause the Cube cafe to overflow with people, as that will be the only place available to purchase hot food. If you only have a short break in between lectures, it’s not ideal to spend 30 minutes of it queueing up, especially if you only want a coffee or something light. The seating the area will become massively overpopulated,and it is not fair on the staff to have to deal with a sudden increase of customers, and to deal with twice as many orders in the same size kitchen. 


Even if the UCSU had to run it, there should be more than one place to order food from during the day time. 




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    Michael Davis   wrote, 01-10-2019 - 13:08

    it's sad, the canteen is pretty awful now, we will just have to eat off site

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    Elizabeth Grayson   wrote, 03-10-2019 - 15:03

    @MichaelDavis, I agree. I've been going to the One Stop over the road and Tasty Bites baguette shop round the corner too, but they're always busy as a result now aswell

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    Gemma Sedgwick   wrote, 03-10-2019 - 18:38

    Calva bar needs to come back. I won’t be going to cube at all

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