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by Elizabeth Grayson 16 September 2019, 12:18

Category: University Petition

Voting closed

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The front desk in the Learning Gateway and the resident info expert, Evelyn, is getting shifted over to Brampton Road at christmas. Not good. 


We NEED Evelyn (and the desk too) to help students to find their way around campus, to direct people to services, and help people with anything and everything. She is the smiling face of the learning gateway, and for a lot of students is the first point of call for any and all issues they have. 

‘My computers broke’, ‘I can’t get on the Wifi’, ‘Where’s this room’, ‘Who do I speak to about reassesment’, ‘What time does swipe access start’. 


Evelyn knows the answers to all these questions, and provides crucial support to students on a day to day basis. She’s a wonderful cog in the system, and taking her away (and the desk too) is a pretty rubbish idea. 


So, sign this petition, and show the university that she (and the desk she looks after) needs to stay firmly in the Learning Gateway.