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Petition to replace single use coffee cups in the university cafe(s) with plastic free alternatives

by Lydia Porter 26 March 2019, 12:02

Category: University Petition

Voting closed

Plastic floating on the ocean

plastic uses has drastically increased since the 1950's. these plastics never go away, they simply breakdown in to smaller microplastics which find their way in to all of our food and water.

plastic use is a massive global issue that no one single person can fix. but we can all make a difference.

by making small, quick, often cheap switches in our lives we can hugely reduce the plastic problem in our planet

one every day item that many of use do not realise holds hidden plastic is single use travel cups. they contain a thin linning of plastic to help keep them water proof. this plastic lining will be there before you collect your morning coffee and for hundreds of years after.

But there are plastic free alternatives. this petition aims to make the university convert to plastic free biodegradable alternatives that are widely avaliable not only in the UK but around the globe.

please sign this petition and help our university community take one more step towards a brighter futures for us all.

Thank you,

From Lydia P Joey H and Ian G