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Reduce the price of hot water on campus!

by Joedie Brandwood 24 September 2019, 11:48

Category: Catering

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Hot water price currently : - 60p Non student  -50p Student

Please support the idea to have the price of hot water reduced or better still made free if you bring your own cup. Promoting free hot water in order to bring your own cup will essentially be great for us students cost wise & even better to be ecofriendly by re-using your own cup/flask. 

Fully understand that should you require a cup, hot water should be 30p minimum for the cost of the cup. 



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    Kimberley Elder   wrote, 03-10-2019 - 11:07

    could always have a fundraiser to buy a couple of kettles?

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    Hildagaard Chimbizi   wrote, 04-10-2019 - 20:04

    or even a couple of urns?

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