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Student Microwaves in Canteen at Lancaster and other campuses

by Nikki Hollingworth 04 October 2016, 15:11

Category: Catering

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It would be really great if within the canteen/food area's there was a self service section with a mircowave or two, that students could use to reheat food from home. This would be especially beneficial to students who live off campus to help save money and to maintain a healthy or restricted diet.


Community & Partnership Officer was requested to find out why microwaves would be advantageous. The Panel provided the following feedback:

  • Some students have specific dietary requirements, not catered for by outlets.
  • Some students commute and it would be easier for them to have access to a microwave to cook their own food, whenever they needed it.
  • Some students only have short lunch breaks.
  • Good for students who are studying out of canteen hours, for example in 24 hrs rooms.
  • Helpful for students on a tight budget who cannot afford to purchase food from the canteen every day.

​The new Community & Partnership Officer, Hannah Price, will continue discussions with the University in the new Academic year.


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    Claire Brown   wrote, 11-10-2016 - 16:19

    Great idea and would really benefit those of us who bring packed lunches and can't afford to buy lunch each day

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    Sarah Newton   wrote, 11-10-2016 - 17:45

    Great idea ! It will save us all a lot of money !

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    Amanda Aspinall   wrote, 11-10-2016 - 18:57

    I asked this question on my first day, I travel over a hour to get in to uni so buying lunch aint a option

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    Wendy Hoban   wrote, 11-10-2016 - 21:05

    Yes please ! Great idea πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ»

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    Laura Prince   wrote, 11-10-2016 - 21:12

    I def agree, I remember saying this the first week I started. Please 😬

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    Deleted User   wrote, 12-10-2016 - 22:57

    Would be nice if it included a Kettle too.

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