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Yoga with Adrienne

We understand that it can be difficult to find time for yourself and refocus back to your studies. Try out these 10-20 minute yoga sessions with Adriene:


UCSU Work-Out Cards

Let's Work Out: Work-Out Card 1

Warm-Up: Work-Out Card 2

Plank: Work-Out Card 3

Squats: Work-Out Card 4

Lunge: Work-Out Card 5

Dips: Work-Out Card 6

Sit-Ups: Work-Out Card 7

Push-Ups: Work-Out Card 8

The Let's Work Out Game: Work-Out Card 9


UoC Active Work-Outs & Classes

If you are interested in fitness and Pilates classes, then check out UoC Active's page! Keep your eyes open for some work out sets, on Instagram and Youtube early next year!


Colouring Mindfulness Sheets

Take some time to destress and let your creativity flow with these free colouring pages! Simply print a page, grab your colouring pencils, and have fun.

Colouring Advent Calendar: Days 1-12 (, Days 13-24 (

Joanne Bashford, Flourish: A Mini-Inky Adventure:

Christmas Cracker Craft Idea:

Millie Marotta's Big Draw: Millie Marotta's Turtle

The Big Draw coloring pages: The Climate of Change


Bake Off Recipes

Bake Off Hobster Recipe: Hobster Recipe

Bake Off Vanilla Cookie: Vanilla Cookie Recipe


Holm - Danish Dream Cake Recipe

Danish Dream Cake: Danish Dream Cake Recipe


DIY Face Masks





MOB Kitchen Cookbook