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London's Calling

Friday 01-02-2019 - 14:15
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London’s Calling

Earlier this week Lequane Johnson (Academic Officer) and I made a trip down to our campus in London to connect with the reps and students there.

After a really early and cold start, we got to the capital just after half ten in the morning and made our way to The Tube, something that equally scared me and excited me. Using Google Maps and Lequane’s excellent sense of direction we soon arrived at the campus, signed in and got to work!

We met with Rosy, campus director and Rob Wilson, current London Campus Manager and talked about what would happen that day and how UCSU could continue being directly involved at the London campus. Afterwards Rosy gave us a campus tour, taking us into all the classes to let the students know that Lequane and I were there and were available to meet with them.

Shortly afterwards we had said meeting and it was great! The London campus students were so keen to get involved and get their points across to us, all of the reps attended the meeting but many other students came too. We got to hear about life at the campus and how it differs from the northern campuses. The students took the opportunity to tell us about some problems that they had been having and we were able to advise how to get The Panel to look at them. If you are having any issues at university then check out the Ideas Platform here.

After the meeting, the students returned to their lectures and Lequane and I got round to tackling our inboxes for a while. After their lectures had finished the students came back to talk to us more, finding us in the café where over a cup of peppermint tea, we talked more about their ideas about how they would like to improve student life on the campus and how they can get more involved with UCSU. Great connections were made that day and we hope they will only get stronger as UCSU visits the campus more often, with visits planned for the end of February and March.

Around half four we said goodbye to the students and made our way back to Euston to catch a late train back up north which, despite a small delay, rounded off a great day!


Rachel O'Donovan

UCSU Marketing and Communications Coordinator 



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