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Lucy's October Update!!

Friday 30-10-2020 - 13:41

Well for me October has been such a busy month, I feel like I have done a lot in just the space of four weeks. For this article, instead of boring you with the admin, board meetings and behind the scenes excitement that I have been involved with, I am going to focus on the two main items I have been working on during October.

First up its Reps, Reps, Reps! Many of you have been nominated to be course representatives this year, and I have been hosting your core training sessions these last few weeks. I have loved talking to you all and listening to your views, opinions, and thoughts. I loved how every training session people come up with new perspectives and new ways of doing things that I had never thought of before. I feel like I am learning from you all at the same time you are learning from me. I am looking forward to our next training session on the 19th November, and our very first workshop which is all about Feedback on the 18th November! I know you will all make amazing reps!

(Side note here to say A MASSIVE THANKYOU to my three helpers; Frank, Molly and Charlotte, who have come along to every training session, hosted break-out rooms and took part in discussions! I could not have done it without you!)

The second item I am going to talk about is Career Development Month! I have been working closely with the Careers team at the university to put on an action-packed line-up for Careers month full of Career essential workshops, guest speakers, and more! On my end, I have also been working on producing a social media campaign that will run for the entire month of November. I will be posting something every day on social media (activities, questions, tips and advice), all relating to the theme of Career Development. Hopefully, it will all be a huge success and you all learn a little something that you can take with you after university!

So that’s my brief run-down of what I have been up to this month – my next article will be all about what I got up to in November, so look out for that one!

Lots of love x



Lucy Haddath, Academic Officer, Officer Updates

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