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Lucy's weekly article - 28/08/2020

Friday 28-08-2020 - 15:27


To kick the week off Molly, Charlotte and I all got to spend the day on Fusehill St. Campus picking up our brand-new laptops. It was so good being back on campus and I enjoyed showing them around and sitting outside in the student allotment to have lunch! And it was sunny!! 


We have also had a meeting with Karl Chambers - London Campus manager, where we brainstormed ideas for how we can increase SU presence in London and listening to their ideas too! It was a positive meeting and we are really looking forward to putting some of the ideas into action over the next year!


Finally, it is almost time to start welcoming you on to campus! I can’t believe how quickly it has come around! I am so excited to meet all of you in person and to be back on campus haha. However, realising how soon you are all starting made us think about our current workload, and we asked the question if it stayed the same would we have enough time to speak to students? The answer was no, and this had to change! Because you will always be our priority!


This means that from now on we will be thinking carefully about what we are working on, and prioritising tasks depending on how much they will benefit you. For instance, you might have seen we are no longer writing Monday updates, the time saved from this is now being refocused on other areas that we feel are more beneficial to you. We have also dropped some meetings/ behind the scenes tasks that were taking up too much of our time and had little relevance to students/our roles, this has meant our calendars are more freed up and we will now have plenty of time to speak to you!! YAYY!!


See you next week!


Lucy Haddath, Academic Officer

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