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Molly's October Update

Friday 30-10-2020 - 15:43
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Hello hellooo, it’s been a while…

We have been the busiest bees recently! A lot of things have been pushed to the side as we have focused on organising support for those of you who may be affected by Covid-19. Our articles had to be temporarily left behind, but they’re back and better! They are now going to be monthly updates to allow for more holistic reflection and meaningful updates (also a lot easier for us to keep on top of!).

So, what’s first? Well, after the whirlwind of Welcome Week, it was a mad rush to get all of our Black History Month ideas up and running. Thankfully, it was a team effort and our new BFFL’s (Karl and Gavin) at the London campus were super supportive. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing and learning about all of the black role models that you nominated, it’s also been such a pleasure to read your reflections on why BHM is important and what it means to you. Keep an eye on my social medias for a full round-up of the responses and the release of the UOC/UCSU Black Lives Matter statement.

More recently, my focus has shifted to plans for Movember and International Men’s Day. There’s going to be some fun things coming up from our team and I can’t wait to share with you all! I have also been working closely with the wonderful Corporate Health Team on their MOVEmber initiative that will see teams from all over the University race to cover 350 miles during the month – the equivalent of travelling from our London campus to Carlisle, with stops at Lancaster and Ambleside too! Charlotte and I have a team each and will be competing against each other… We are fully aware that this may not be a good idea.

In the near future, I’ll be working with the Disabled Students’ Network to get started on plans for Disability History Month. We have had some brilliant ideas and I honestly cannot wait to get started with this! Keep an eye on the student global to get involved with the University’s plan for the month, and as always, check my Facebook to get involved with mine.

Annnd finally, my campaigns! This week, my Soothe Your Mood campaign has really taken off! It’s now going to be a huge collaborative effort from staff in the University, Charlotte and myself. It’s going to be bigger and better than I ever thought, with real potential to make a long-term difference. We’re working to bring together activities across the institution and adding our own, into a nice easy calendar for you all. My other campaign (Relax, take it easy), is looking at setting up campus management groups, led by you, to ensure that your chill areas on campus are serving their purpose. So, if you go crazy from the white walls in the canteen or the lack of outdoor spaces, drop me a message and let’s change that <3

Don’t forget to check out Lucy and Charlotte’s articles too!


Sorry for the long one.

Lots of love



Molly McConnell, Welfare Officer, Officer Updates

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