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Molly's Weekly Article - 11/09/2020

Friday 11-09-2020 - 16:44
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Ahem, I’m a little bit excited…

So, this week we have done a few days on campus and it has been delightful! Working from home can be very draining. I have managed to get a lot more done this week, so lots of exciting things to share:

Firstly, Black History Month is coming up and I have been working on some plans for all campuses that, I’m hoping, will be a wonderful celebration of Black Cultures. I have also been continuing the work on the Black Lives Matter statement that is a collaboration between UOC and UCSU. My work on this led to the decision to turn our Welcome Week book club into an opportunity to learn more about racism – we will be discussing Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, by Reni Eddo-Lodge. This will be Friday 25th September @ 10 am, as part of Molly’s Good Mood Mornings. Get reading and I’ll see you there!

On that note, I’ve also been looking at extending my Molly’s Good Mood Mornings initiative to run throughout the year. This will change to Molly’s Good Mood Mondays and will be a weekly activity designed to give you the best start to your week - because we all need some scheduled chill time! We’ve also had the chance to organise the nitty gritty bits of our Selfie-Guided Tour. I’m really looking forward to this one, can’t wait to see all of your hilarious selfies!

On Monday, we had our first Executive Committee meeting and we got to meet the new campus reps. Well, you folks definitely put your votes in the right place, because they all the most passionate and genuinely lovely people. The meeting was filled with amazing ideas, words of wisdom, and lots of giggles (Sorry Frank & Danny).

Amongst all of this, there has been a lot going on in our Discord server! It has been so wonderfully refreshing to see everyone’s enthusiasm and great ideas for the year, despite the challenges. I just want to say, you’re all bloody fantastic and we are really super excited to meet you all properly <3 Not signed up yet? No worries, click this:


See you next week and as always, have a wonderful weekend, you beauties!



Molly McConnell, Welfare Officer, Officer Updates

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