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Danny - Getting to Know You

Name: Danny Prescott

Job Role: Chief Executive Officer


What did you do before UCSU? (jobs, education etc)

I’ve worked in and around UCSU, Universities and the Students’ Union movement for 21 years covering a variety of roles; I’ve been a graphic designer, run a library and managed the Student Voice team amongst other things. Prior to starting in the SU I worked in the civil service and did a stint as an administrator at Lancaster University.



Can you tell us a little about you? (likes, hobbies etc)

Outside of work I draw, paint, read, make music and spend a lot of time doing these and other fun stuff with my nine-year old daughter (which includes watching her play a lot of minecraft)!


What do you do at UCSU?

I manage the staff team, liaise with the University Senior Management, make sure we operate within the budget and act as the operational point of contact for the UCSU Trustee Board who legally are responsible for the running of the charity for the benefit of our students.


What do you love most about your job?

I love it when we make a difference for an individual or a group of students. I am particularly passionate about our role in enabling students to lead, change and influence those elements of their University life which matter to them, whether that’s life on campus, student groups or even the manner in which their courses are taught or assessed.